Course curriculum

  • 1
    Getting started
    • Why do I need to know about Debt Enforcement law?
    • What to expect in this e-Learning
  • 2
    The debt enforcement process
    • Understanding debt enforcement
    • The early stages prior to debt enforcement
    • The debt enforcement diagram
    • The debt enforcement process, explained
  • 3
    Helping a client in debt
    • What should I do if a client owes a debt?
  • 4
    How businesses pursue unpaid debts
    • What steps do businesses take to collect a debt?
    • How does a business get a court order to make your client pay?
    • What happens once the debt becomes a judgment debt?
    • What happens if my client doesn't pay?
  • 5
    How businesses enforce debts
    • Making your client attend court
    • Taking your client's personal property
    • Taking and selling your client's home
    • Deducting from your client's wages
    • Deducting from payments owed to your client
    • Making you make regular payments
    • Making your client bankrupt
  • 6
    Legal protections for your client
    • Five legal protections to be aware of
    • Legal Protection 1: Expired time limits
    • Legal Protection 2: Being in financial difficulty
    • Legal Protection 3: Having a legal claim
    • Legal Protection 4: Being "judgment proof"
    • Legal protection 5: Debt collector violations
  • 7
    Case Study
    • Susan's Story Part 1
    • Susan's Story Part 2